If you live anywhere in North or South America and are not yourself Indigenous to those lands, you are living in the homelands of someone else. Please take the time to learn about whose lands you are living on, and look for ways to learn from and about the people of those lands. There are many ways to learn this, is one way to do so.  Included on this resource page are various websites and resources for further learning.

Remove the Bells

The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band has worked with officials in the City of Santa Cruz to remove the El Camino Real bell markers. The movement has just begun, as these markers have lined California’s Highway 101 since the early 1900’s, intended to celebrate a false history and romanticization of the California missions. Consider supporting Californian Tribal members who are calling for their removal, and for telling the truth about this history.

The movement to protect Juristac

The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band is currently working hard to protect one of their last remaining undeveloped sacred places: Juristac. This area is where local tribes historical held their sacred Kuksui (Big Head) ceremony. It is now in danger of being turned into a gravel pit. Please visit this site, read the many letters of support (including mine), sign the petition, and get involved!

Walk for the Ancestors

In 2015, Caroline Ward and her son Kagen, members of the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians, walked from Sonoma to San Diego in honor of Indigenous ancestors, and in protest of the canonization of Serra. Along the way they met with tribal members across the state and other allies and supporters, held ceremonies at the mission sites, and helped to build community and bring awareness to the continued presence of Native people in the state. We are currently working on turning this story into a documentary.

Save the West Berkeley Ohlone Shellmound and Historic Village Site

Please consider learning about and supporting the work of Corrina Gould and others in the East Bay. Corrina and her people have worked been hard at work for decades to protect the sacred sites, shellmounds, to build the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, and to find ways for people to donate towards rematriation with innovations like the Shuumi Land Tax.

Toppling Mission Monuments & Mythologies Conference

The Toppling Mission Monuments & Mythologies Conference was held in 2020, and included an incredible line up of Indigenous Californian scholars, community members and activists speaking about these issues. If you missed this amazing event, please consider taking the time to hear and see them speak.


Tribal websites:

If you live in the California San Francisco Bay Area, I encourage you to take the time to attend events and support the work of local Indigenous peoples. This list includes some of the websites for Bay Area Tribal peoples and groups. If any of the information on this website is of interest to you, please also sign up for the mailing lists and supporting the events and activities sponsored by local tribes. Local Native communities continue to work hard to protect sacred sites, maintain their cultures and practices, protect the environment and persevere despite centuries of genocidal policies and injustice.