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Online articles and guest commentaries.


Why a local Indigenous Leader wants to remove California’s highway bells

Report by KAZU 90.3 Monterey / Salinas / Santa Cruz Public Radio station, on Amah Mutsun led bell removal movement.

Colonialism: The True ‘Cancel Culture’

An article written for request by the Santa Cruz DSA, published in June, 2021. This article discusses the el camino bell markers and the recent movement to remove them, in the larger context of social justice and history of colonialism.

Forging Layered Trails of History

This article appeared in the Bay Area Monitor in February 2021, by Aleta George, about thinking about history in space and place while walking Bay Area trails. 

Santa Cruz Sentinel Guest Commentary

Guest commentary written December, 2020, in response to a Guest Commentary complaining about “historical erasure” by removing the mission bells.